Once you hit age 30, it’s about time to get serious about your finances. If you are like most (we’ve all been there), you enjoyed your 20’s, spent money as needed, and essentially drifted through the years without a financial plan of attack.

That’s fine, but by around age 30, if you don’t get more serious, another decade or two could easily slip by financially with you staring down at age 40 or 50 without a plan or progress being made.

Why should I care?

Wouldn’t it be great to have less stress about money knowing your net worth is going up every month? Also, wouldn’t it be great knowing you are on a path to future retirement or financial independence?

The opposite would be to do nothing and continue to drift through life financially with no plan now or for the future. We all know how that story will play out when you are 40 or 50 with little or no savings or plan. This will be a recipe for having to work (without any options) to age 65, or 70, or beyond.

You have an Opportunity

Time is still on your side. If you commit now to put in some ongoing effort you can put yourself on a very good path financially. If you procrastinate and kick the can down the road your future self will be quite disappointed.

What now?

Your first assignment is to commit right now that you will put in some effort (at least 1 hour a week) to improving your financial knowledge and situation.

Make a point to read at least one financial article per week on this site or another trusted site. Digest the information and then take action to improve your situation!

Also listening to educational podcasts a few times a week will help you improve your knowledge. One very good daily podcast is the Clark Howard Podcast. It’s a good one to listen to on the go or whenever it’s convenient.

Articles to get Started

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