Now is a good time to make a few phone calls and put some money back in your pocket!

It’s a competitive marketplace. You have every right to ask your current providers to give you a better deal. If they won’t you also have the right to price shop competitors who may be hungrier for your business

Credit Card Companies are negotiating

One of the credit cards I have is a travel card that gives me points that I can use for vacations. It’s the only card I have with an annual fee. I don’t normally take cards with a fee, but the benefits each year far exceed the $95 annual fee.

I was charged the annual fee in May. I recently called them and asked if they would consider refunding the fee this year since I couldn’t use the points to travel due to Covid.

The Points carry over to next year so I’ll eventually use them. However, I told them I was inconvenienced and it didn’t seem right to pay the fee and not be able to get any benefit from the card this year.

They quickly gave me a $60 statement credit just for calling and asking. That’s $60 for 5 minutes of effort. You can’t beat that hourly rate!

This applies to any service!

It’s easy and even fun once the momentum kicks in. You can call your insurance company, TV service, mobile phone service, subscription service, etc. It really doesn’t matter.

Let them know that you are looking for a better deal for the service they are providing. Sometimes they have a better plan to put you in. Other times they will give you a discount. The worst thing they can say is no. The only cost to you is a few minutes of your time.

If you don’t ask you don’t get! Make a few calls and let us know how much you saved.

Good luck!


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