There is a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine due to the invasion against their country. There is a tremendous need for food, medicine and other support.

If you want to donate to support the citizens of Ukraine, please make sure you find a legitimate organization.

During times of crisis, scam artists come out of the woodwork to try to take your money. Don’t let that happen to you! Do not reply to any emails, or click on any links in emails that appear to be donation companies.

If you get scammed, not only would you not be helping the people you wanted to help, but you’ll be enriching a criminal instead.

Where to Donate

Always do your research. There are a number of sites you can visit to evaluate potential charities. Some of those sites include Charity Watch, Charity Navigator, and Give.Org.

The IRS also has an online Tax Exempt Organization search that allows you to validate if the entity is an approved non-profit company that you would want to consider.

Legit Organizations for Ukraine Donations

Below are some legit sites to consider if you want to support the citizens of Ukraine. Note that these are larger, well known organizations. There are others, but this gives you a few to consider:


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