King Solomon’s Secrets to Success, Wealth and Happiness 

By Steven K. Scott 

After reading this book there is no doubt why it was a National Best Seller.  In my opinion this book ranks right up there with the likes of the Seven habits of highly successful people by Steve Covey.  The author of this book, Steven Scott, explains how, after not being able to hold down numerous jobs, he was introduced to King Solomon’s book of proverbs by a mentor, and it changed his life forever.  He became wildly successful not only financially, but in many other critical areas of personal fulfillment and happiness. 

He talks about applying “true diligence” in all areas of your life that you want to succeed, instead of following the path of least resistance, which is our innate laziness, which is far from diligence.  This rings true with finances too, as it is clear that those with intentionality are able to make significant progress as compared to those that just drift through life financially. 

The author talks about vision mapping, where you lay out your goals and the steps to get there.  He also explains that effective counsel is critical to success, and that the odds of succeeding all by yourself with no help in your significant endeavors are very low.  He describes how developing a grateful heart and eliminating your sense of entitlement and envy of others will get you on the path to happiness. 

He provides a very interesting definition of “greed.”  He explains that we usually talk about greed related to money, which often can be the case.  However, he explains that greed can occur with anything that we want so bad that we’ll do anything to get it.  He describes how greed often grows like a cancer, steals your life, affects your loved ones, and can take away your happiness. 

He describes the four qualities that make you invaluable.  Those qualities include (1) impeccable honesty, (2) kindness, (3) generosity, and (4) graciousness.  He also explains how disagreements can make outcomes and relationships much better if done the right way. 

These are just a few of the many gems in this book!  You can get this book at Amazon or free at your local library. 

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